UX, the vital asset of your finance project


The financial world is taking on a new shape. FinTech startups are nibbling at the traditional consumer banking services’ profit margins, with mobile payments and crowd-sourcing loans on the rise. Blockchain might well be the next big thing.

It's a fast race and the game keeps on changing. Human psychology on the other hand, doesn't change so fast. As financial services get automated by the day, the basic UX principles (based on human psychology) remain relevant as ever. Users still feel the need to be in control. They still search for cues of trust, telling them that their financial transactions and their money are safe.

In the past we’ve often seen technological advancement as the driver of innovation. Better is to put users behind the wheel so they remain in control of what happens with their money. Well-designed products and services, created with excellent UX in their digital core, will give customers a future to feel safe and look forward to.

That’s where real UX experts come in: from defining how you embed user experience in your value proposition, to designing a superb user interface and making sure that users will get all the support they need. That’s how you'll achieve the excellent UX your customers are happy to pay for.



"Human Interface Group just did it! 

First results show that we subscribe almost 10 times the number of contracts online than the expected amount. 

Great job done! "

Roland Harms, Online Business Development Manager

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