We are very proud of our UX consultants and project managers: they're talented, creative and passionate.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Our cases are the proof of the fabulous work they do.

The SmartWithFood app, for food to suit your needs

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Are you looking for gluten-free or lactose-free products? Or do you just want to quickly and easily find the right food products to suit your taste and diet? 

With the SmartWithFood app, you simply scan the product’s barcode and immediately find out whether it fits your needs and preferences or what the alternative options are.


Services at the speed of light

Flemish government institutions can connect to the fiber-optic network through the public agency ‘Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (AWV)’, a fast and reliable connection for a fraction of the price they would pay for commercial networks. In addition, another Flemish government agency, ‘het Facilitair bedrijf’ (HFB), offers a wide range of network services, such as wireless connections inside the buildings.

The first version of the website failed to promote the network in a convincing way.


In the new version of the website that we created the value proposition is immediately put forward: reliable fiber-optic connections and network services for and by the Flemish government.



Tips & tricks for top salespeople

Cevora and VDAB have been working together for years, training job-seekers and helping them find a job. They offer Sales training, for example, but also continue supporting salespeople, even after their training. That is why they developed a web app ‘Talent for Sales’, with practical and useful tips & tricks.

However, the existing app was lacking structure and appeal. The content needed to be optimized and the entire app made more modern and attractive.



Business software in a new style

Buy Way

Improving digital channels for better customer relations


How to succeed in life financially


The future of learning


Paving the way for the new kilometer tax

BD myShopi

Quick UX wins for myShopi, the n°1 promotions & shopping list platform


Declare your use of music, now twice as fast


A website as digital calling card for residential care facilities


Super-edge technology with simple design


Healthy habits start With-Me

Corona Direct

Belgium’s 1st online car insurance

KBC Comfin

Designing a consistent user interface for 3 mobile platforms


HEALTH one - for the doctor's practice of tomorrow


“Asking for time off? That has to be quick and efficient.”


Isabel Multibanking App: flexible, quick and safe

Jessa Ziekenhuis

Marvellous portal site: simple, clean and easy to use


Scientific research made attractive


"La meilleure des apps bancaires"

Tennis Vlaanderen

Game, Set, Match


Easy to use, scalable and ... beautiful

P&V Group

Customer experience first, across devices and brands


It works better if it's pretty


Defining the VITO intranet with all stakeholders together

Agentschap Ondernemen

The shortest route to information for entrepreneurs

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